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Writing in all its forms

Being a writer is much more than the romantic image of someone sitting at a typewriter with a coffee and a cigarette, pounding out words and pages for a best-selling novel. Like all professions, writing comes in many different forms, each with their pros and cons, their difficulty and ease, and levels of expertise.


The default idea of a writer is those who write novels, but there are so many other creative writing outlets that we all enjoy daily. From short stories to flash fiction, poetry, and script writers, a writer in these area is focused on the weaving and telling of stories. Writers are involved in your favorite TV shows, movies, cartoons, and even commercials.

Content, copy, and technical

On the more technical and web-based side, there are content writers, copywriters, journalists, and essayists. The former is responsible for almost any web copy you stumble across; any product description, blog post, welcome page, or brochure that has text is written by someone. Journalists are fact-based and sometimes opinion-based and are featured in your favorite papers and news sites, giving you the facts, or making you think about the current climate. Essayists are a special brand of writer that combine fact with fiction; you may listen to some of these on podcasts like Modern Love, where they tell their own story - a sort of biography - in a creative and compelling way.

While there are many types of writers, the thing that connects them all is their love of words, and how they can weave and wend them into something we want to read.

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